What We Do

What We Do

“Is to provide a safe swimming environment for you and your family. We do this by precise sanitation and proper maintenance by trained professionals.

“Your pool is too close to what you value the most… at GenX we understand.”

What sets us apart?

  •  “We bring our services to your door, not our emissions”
    Our pool ninjas drive Toyota Prius’. Our commitment to the environment goes so far that we have done many “industry firsts”
    Did you know that the average pickup truck produces 3 times more emission than our prius maintenance vehicles. The average age of a “pool guys” truck is 8 years old compared to PoolGenx Ninja Prius fleet which produces 422g less emissions per mile in your neighborhoods.
  • Professionalism – our pool ninjas are full time professionals with the single objective of delivering the highest level of service in the industry.
  • Our ninjas also go through a background check as well as drug testing.
  • Our ninjas arrive  in company uniform with visible company ID.
  • Upon joining us for service, you receive a bio of your genX ninja.  At PoolGenX we employ the best.

Our team & philosophy:
Transparency, Consistency, efficiency and eco friendliness

  • Fully Licensed and Insured.
  • We respect our customers; as such, we do not engage in buying or selling accounts, you are our customer not a commodity.
  • In the long run, service performed professionally is the most cost effective.
  • Our contracts are for liability purposes for our team working on your property. This is so we can protect our customers and our ninjas.