Who We Are

Who we are:

  • We are a service company that maintains pools. We do not just clean pools; we maintain them by keeping them clear and sanitary so you and your family can swim safely and worry free.
  • Our pool ninjas are CPO certified and trained professionals.
  • Our mission is to consolidate the fragmented pool maintenance industry in the most eco friendly way viable for business.
  • Our vision: is that one day all industries, not just pool maintenance companies, will follow our lean service techniques to help ration the world’s resources.

Our promise to our clients:
Protect your family through the following:

  • Certified Pool Operators
  • Proper sanitation – We do not “Eye ball” chemicals – we use state of the art electronic equipment to ensure your pool water is clear, balanced and safe.
  • Safety precautions with gates, entrapment lids, pool covers and safety rails

Respect you’re your home and Privacy

  • We do not take pictures of your back yard or house ( unless we get your permission)
  • We do not empty basket debris on your property
  • We come “Announced”.  You know what day of the week and what time we will be maintaining your property.

Exceeding your expectations

  • We truly care about your safety and your satisfaction with our services
  • We utilize the latest equipment (that others consider too expensive) to push the envelope of efficiency and water sanitation accuracy
  • A proprietary report is left at your pump station that is filled in during every visit. This allows you to see the status of your pool each week.